Saturday, October 22, 2011

So much alike

Dear Laurel,

  I'm in an unsettled frame of mind today.  I'm circling a big thought, walking around it trying to gain perspective; poking it and then backing up to see if it makes any difference.  So far it's not working.  Yesterday I came across the blog of the woman I wanted to be.  I dreamed of that life--not fancy, not wealthy, but sure in my place of service and calling.  I clicked on the link and saw the book she wrote 10 years ago, about the same time I was writing a proposal for the same kind of book.  She was deeply influenced by the same people who influenced me; last weekend we cooked from the same cookbook. We are so much a like, but different in our experience.  More than anything I am startled to see this glimpse into her world; circumstances changed my life and opportunities so dramatically that I had no choice but to pursue my calling in a different way.  Startled, and maybe a little wistful. I'm sure you'll be hearing about this for a while, thanks for bearing with me.

All my best,


  1. Dear Kate, Keep talking it through. As unsettling as it is, I think as you circle and look for perspective, it will come. I so enjoy hearing from you through these postcards. m

  2. Thanks, Ms. M, I'm working on it--slowly and gently.