The Correspondent

Dear Readers,

  Thank you for wondering about your writer. While it is true that I have a vast interior life filled with the stories and experiences of a lifetime, I find I'm not quite ready to pour them out for you. But still, I want to give something, so short bits seem more affordable in terms of time and thought-driven energy.

  You might ask why I want to give.  In the youth of old age my perspective has changed,  I have fewer certainties and more questions, and on occasion people have shown in interest in what I see or and experience, or what I've learned.  Traveling through life, both literally and figuratively, is a process made richer and better by joining forces with those with whom we travel.

  Some say a typical postcard will accommodate up to 100 words.  Maybe so, but many of the old cards found in antique malls or in old boxes and trunks rarely carry more than 20 or 25 words, and those few sentences are heavily weighted with significant news, thoughts, or questions.  It seems that many writers gave no thought to the printed images or sentiments and used the card only because it had a space for writing on one side.

  So my giving will be in the form of virtual postcards or short notes with a photograph.  Sometimes the message will relate to the image, sometimes it will not.  Sometimes the message will be utterly honest and in the moment, sometimes it will be a more creative memoir type entry, and other times it could be fiction.  In all cases I hope the posts will ring true.

All my best,