Saturday, October 22, 2011

A new word

Lilac buds ready to bloom in October
Dear Sonja,

  My mixed up little lilac is ready to bloom again--I think I like its tenacity.  It bloomed in August, too.  It was strangely wonderful to be surprised by that sweet scent in the relative warmth of summer, and now we're ready to do it again.  I looked it up and learned that the word is remontant, as in remontant flowering.  It is not uncommon for shrub-like plants that normally bloom in the spring to jump to life in the fall.  There's something about fall weather that awakens blooms that were set early in the spring.  I think there must be a life lesson here, either for those who bloom unexpectedly or for those who are surprised by sudden beauty.  What do you think? (Smile)  See you on Tuesday.

All my best,

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