Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yes, of course!

Dear Laurel,

   It's hard to put a finger on those magical ingredients that go into the moment when a friend (of any age) unabashedly asks for something.  I love it!  Could I have more dessert with whipped cream?  Could I come over and have some of that pie you're baking?  I need some creative input with my project, could I come over and show it to you?  I need to bake some cakes, could I come bake in your kitchen?  Seriously, I can't measure how that warms my heart.  Is there any better gift than the confidence and trust of friendship?  I am thankful that I have that kind of friendship with you. So I have to ask, when can I come to your house for coffee?

All my best,


  1. Kate~

    Omigosh, I've just had the most special time reading your blog from the rare! So wonderful. So delightful. I have enjoyed reading the letters you're writing to friends. Good thing that today's started with "Dear Laurel" as that is my daughter's name and caught my attention. Keep on writing, you've got a sweet blog and a sweet concept. I'm following so I don't lose you. Hope that you'll visit me again, too.

  2. Thanks for coming to read my postcards, Vee! I appreciate your kind comment. I've been reading your blog for a while and I enjoy it. I'll be back to read you again.