Thursday, February 2, 2012

It was perfect

For my good friend, from Tori--2009
Dear Sonja,

  This lovely mug bounced out of the cupboard this week, hit the floor and broke into five pieces.  It's broccoli you know. (That's what she said when she gave it to me.)  Perfect for me considering how many, many pounds of broccoli Tori chopped for me in our catering days.  Perfect because it held my three shot Americano with a little milk, exactly.  But mostly perfect because of the inscription she scratched into the bottom of the mug before it was fired.  I'm going to try to glue it for pencils and pens, but if it doesn't look nearly perfect I will send it on its way and choose instead to simply remember what perfect was like.

All my best,


  1. Oh no! Were you able to glue it back together? So too bad...

  2. I haven't attempted it yet, I'm still considering my options.